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Our Services

  A family-oriented clinic Deehl Chiropractic offers:

  • Three treatment rooms including two Zenith Hylo Chiropractic Tables
  • Triton DTS Decompression table
  • Light & Laser Therpy
  • A Spinalator
  • Chiropractic Bench Table
  • On site x-ray
  • A large lobby, children’s toy area and educational materials.

Adjustment tableUsing the Lumbar & Cervical Decompressionx-ray roomSpinolator TableChildrens play areaPhoto of Triton DTS table with PatientTriton decompression Photo of Light & Laser on tableDr. Deehl holding the LaserDr. Deehl using Light & Laser on Patient

We offer Lumbar and Cervical Decompression for patients with degenerative, budging or herniated discs.  Before seeing a surgeon please consult our office to see if you can be helped through Chiropractic Care.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Dr. Deehl doing side posterChiropractic methods we utilize:

  • Activator Technique,
  • Diversified,
  • Pierce,
  • Gonstead,
  • Side Position to Low Force,
  • Dr. Deehl is trained in many more Techniques utilized to meet the needs of individual patients.

We offer a limited line of:

photo of nutrition supplimentsLumbar Pillow display

  • Nutraceuticals
  •  Custom Fit Orthotics
  •  Lumbar Support Belt (SI/Lumbar)
  •  Cervical and Lumbar Pillows.