Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Deehl is why I walk without pain today!  It’s why I keep coming back”-Rob S.

“I have been seeing Dr. Deehl for 23 years.  I have lower back problems, due to my son that is in a wheel chair.  Being adjusted has helped my back.  My son see’s him also, and feels it helps him.  My husband and 2 daughters also see Dr. Deehl.  My whole family feels that Chiropractic care makes us feel healthy.”-Jackie C.

“Dr. Deehl has been great in keeping my back & neck pain free for over 15 years.  His staff has also been fantastic to work with through out the years.”-Michael K.

“I sit at a computer all day which makes my upper back, shoulders, and neck, very tense.  I also suffer from headaches/migraines.  After Dr. Deehl adjusts me, my soreness is gone and I feel so refreshed, and no more headache.”-Kayla S.

“After visiting other Chiropractors for 6 months I saw Dr. Deehl and he evaluated my situation and corrected my upper back and neck pain.  I am now on a maintenance program and feeling much better and have a much more positive outlook on life.” -John O.

“My two sons have suffered from reoccurring streph throat, and allergies.  Now that we get adjustments from Dr. Deehl we are getting less infections, and if they get sick it does not last as long, and are able to fight off the infections.”-Susan R.

“After going to U of M Hospital for 3 years for rehab they said I would just have to learn to live with the pain.  Dr. Deehl has given be back my life, my head aches are gone,  and I can function pain free.  I see Dr. Deehl as needed and I am on a maintenance program.”-Jaki M.